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We are already in May and, in addition to being the month of flowers, it is the month of family celebrations. A few weeks ago on this blog we already talked about how to dress for a wedding if you are a guest. This week we focus on those other events that are marked in the coming weeks on our calendars and that have children as protagonists: communions and baptisms.

Colors: get out of black

When mom dressing for a communion or a baptism, the first thing to keep in mind is that the schedule will generally be in the morning. Furthermore, even if it is in the afternoon, the celebration is not usually planned to last into the night. In this sense, at the beginning it is advisable to rule out both black and very dark tones.

We are going to give clarity to our outfit and, in addition, it will look great on us. Light tones rejuvenate us, sweeten us and make us happy.

Keys on how to dress for a communion or a baptism

Communions and baptisms, unlike weddings, are always religious events. Another main characteristic is, as we said, that in both cases the protagonists are children and the celebrations usually have a marked childish character.

Although occasionally the chosen time may be in the afternoon, the general rule is that they are morning celebrations. Furthermore, taking into account the dates chosen, it is reasonable to expect the weather to be good and the sun to shine.

All these characteristics give communions and baptisms a relaxed atmosphere and are key when choosing the perfect look.

5 tips to go perfectly to a communion or baptism

As we have just seen, there are many differences between weddings and communions and baptisms. Even though they are all family celebrations, without a doubt, these occasions deserve to go into detail about the different items of an ideal and stylish outfit. Below, we present 5 tips that will help you answer the classic "what should I wear?".

Suit: an option, but not the only one

In principle, the jacket is an essential garment, but it does not necessarily have to be part of a suit. We can combine it with pleated pants, for example, but we will have to pay attention to the colors and fabrics to achieve an elegant and stylish outfit.

If we prefer to simplify, the suit will be the simplest choice. With black already ruled out, brown, light gray or navy blue would be the most common colors. Now, in principle, the vest, if the suit consists of 3 pieces, on this occasion may be a very formal garment.

Shirt: the discreet garment

Although the dates and temperatures may tempt us to wear a short-sleeved shirt, long sleeve is the ideal option, although we can always choose to roll it up during the banquet.

On the other hand, smooth and light tones are usually the ones that best adapt to weddings and communions. White is, without a doubt, the safe bet that will also allow us to be more daring with the tie.

Shoes: we expand the range of styles

Unlike weddings, when it comes to putting on shoes for a communion or baptism, Oxford-type shoes are not the only possibility. In addition to going away from the color black, when it comes to shoes we can also wear loafers, for example, or other less formal styles to achieve a more relaxed look.

Informal yes, but elegant

To decide how to dress for a communion or a baptism, we can relax many of the rules and protocols of more formal events, but not all. As we mentioned at the beginning, the reason for these family gatherings is a religious celebration and this nature also implies certain limitations. From our point of view, sports shoes, for example, are one of the options to rule out.

On the other hand, since it is a daytime celebration, shiny or satin fabrics are not usually the most flattering option. As for prints, if you choose them, the tie will be the ideal place, although it is not mandatory to wear it.

Enjoy the party

Children are the main protagonists of communions and baptisms and this implies an addition of fun and vitality to the event. In addition, there are usually many family gatherings that will turn that day into a special occasion.

To enjoy these celebrations as they deserve, the essential thing is to opt for an outfit in which we feel comfortable without losing our personality. The best complement will, without a doubt, be our smile.


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