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The validity of the prebiotic concept and evidence of a role for prebiotics in promoting health and reducing risk of bowel and systemic diseases have been recently reviewed in depth [157,158,159,160]. Data from studies in animals provides strong evidence of the potential of prebiotics to afford protection against a range of chronic diseases or conditions common in humans (e.g., CRC, IBD, type 2 diabetes, obesity) by preventing colonization by enteric pathogens [61,158,161]. Prebiotics have been shown to improve bowel and immune function, metabolic health and mineral bioavailability in humans but the evidence is strong only for bowel habit and colonic uptake of calcium and magnesium. There is mounting evidence that prebiotics both directly and indirectly modulate the immune system and reduce the risk and severity of bowel infectious and inflammatory conditions, such as IBD, as well as functional bowel disorders, notably IBS [159].

Michael Franks One Bad Habit Rar



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