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Indian History And Culture By Vk Agnihotri Pdf Free

the indian state, in its attempt to portray itself as a modern progressive state, was made to feel superior to other nations by having to constantly walk down a certain path of modernity. india, the kashmir files writes, is still not ready for democracy. a former indian diplomat, put it more succinctly: india does not have freedom.

Indian History And Culture By Vk Agnihotri Pdf Free


the kashmir files, and the literature it has inspired, have shocked the intellectual community in the west. we have been told for years by indian apologists and spin doctors that india was a beacon of light in the world and a model for democracy. it was, after all, the first post-colonial democracy, and, being an ancient civilization, it had much to offer the modern world. now, we realize that this was all but spun to justify indias colonial plunder of the indian sub-continent.

however, in true documentary form, the film fails to mention that syed ali shah geelani was also the leader of the student wing of the jammu and kashmir liberation front (jklf), which took part in the armed insurgency against the indian state for more than two decades, from the late 1960s till the early 1990s. when the militancy subsided, he became the leader of the national conference, which has ruled jammu and kashmir since the late 1980s.

the film is not interested in giving a balanced and objective view of the situation in kashmir. the movie is less than half an hour long and the rest of the time is taken up by the separatist leaders making speeches. the documentary makers, vk agnihotri and his team, have also no qualms about endorsing the separatist leaders and their separatist agenda by not including any of the views of the mainstream political leaders in jammu and kashmir.


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