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This mixer has nine speeds, including three low-start speeds that help prevent splattering, and a cord that swivels so the mixer can easily be used by right- or left-handed consumers. Note: In our testing, we did have to scrape down the bowl regularly to help mix the cake batter.

buy hand mixer

Though not the cheapest model on test, our experts thought this hand mixer offered the best value for money. It gave a solid all-round performance but most excelled when kneading dough and whipping cream, blitzing the latter task in under a minute.

Pavlova lovers, this reasonably priced hand mixer is for you; our testers rated it highly for whipping egg whites into stiff yet light peaks, perfect for meringue. It combined cake mixture and bread dough well and felt stable in use.

Though it be but little (and cheap), this hand mixer is impressively fierce. It surprised our testers by quickly mixing cake ingredients to near perfection, only dropping points for injecting a touch too much air. The downside is that its high power is consistent across the six speeds, meaning it lacks control for more delicate jobs.

Upgrading kitchen tools can help simplify meal prep & reduce cooking time. The simplest of kitchen tools, a hand mixer can be super useful whether you want to whip up a cake batter or combine ingredients for a recipe. The less bulky and more handy version of the traditional blender or a stand mixer, a hand mixer is a go-to for students living alone or for small families. It uses gears to help rotate the blades of a beater to automate the job of continuous stirring, whisking or beating. In some appliances, the beaters can be replaced with dough hooks to let you create your own dough for bread, pizza or puff pastries. Electric handheld mixers usually come with multiple power or speed settings so you can adjust according to your needs. Whipping cream for instance, requires a different speed setting that making a brownie batter. Easy to use and easier to clean, most hand mixers come with removable beaters that can be washed in a jiff. Some of the parts can even be dishwasher-safe. Working with a hand mixer also takes up very little counter space, and makes a great addition to small kitchen spaces. Plus, the included storage case makes it easy to stow away, when not in use.

Our Ecommerce staffer Molly Cleary put each of these hand mixers through a rigorous testing process in our testing kitchen (more on that lower down the page) to discover which will suit your culinary needs best. In doing so, not only was she able to ensure each hand mixer was meticulously tested, but she was also able to compare like-for-like to bring you honest results.

The KitchenAid Cordless Hand mixer is our top choice thanks to the fact it combines aesthetics and functionality absolutely perfectly. It has the polished retro look that the brand is famous for, the convenience of being cordless, and the performance that you need to get your smaller baking tasks done efficiently. 'The cordless element makes things even more aesthetically pleasing,' says our tester Molly. 'But don't fall into the trap if you know you're horrendous at charging things, as this mixer needs more attention than usual.'

With just one look, we think you'll find it easy to agree that this Smeg hand mixer is the essential choice for those looking to spruce up their kitchen with their purchase. Available in a series of glorious bright and pastel colors, this mixer marries together style and speed, with nine options for various baking tasks.

'In terms of performance, I was doubly impressed with how powerful and user-friendly this mixer was. It takes mere minutes to do what you need it to when it comes to batter,' says our tester Molly. 'The price tag of this mixer might put some customers off, but if you love the aesthetics on offer here, then you'll be glad to hear the performance matches up.'

Why we love itIt has a full range of attachments, with two dough hooks, beaters, and whisks, and each of these performed excellently in our tests. Another standout feature of excellence with this mixer is the seamless digital control panel, which also features a very handy timer. The finishing touches are all there with this mixer, from the included embroidered dust case to the iconic Smeg lettering on the exterior, and there's no doubt that this is the prettiest mixer you could opt for.

FeaturesAs we found in our Smeg 1950s Stand Mixer review, the nostalgic design here is a crucial feature. Looks aside, we loved the user-friendly display, easy controls, nine speeds to use, and non-slip feet to help the mixer stay in place on our countertop.

This Dualit mixer is a standout choice thanks to its practical design, genuinely useful features, and the fact it performed adeptly in our tests. Perfect for occasions where you don't need the capacity or power of a stand mixer, this pick will let you get the job done without prior fuss. 'This Dualit mixer is high-quality, with a focus on pragmatism and straightforwardness,' reports our tester Molly.

Why we love itThe main reason this Dualit mixer is such a success is its focus on practicality. There is a year-long guarantee available if you purchase it straight from Dualit, and the parts of this mixer are replaceable, meaning you can carry it with you for many years of your life. This emphasis on quality that lasts is excellent in terms of value and sustainability.

FeaturesThe feature that we loved the most during testing was the retractable cord, which makes storage as easy as it should be. This mixer also has a full range of attachments and straightforward controls.

Why we love itThe MultiMix is very powerful, with a 350-watt motor that matches some of the most popular food mixers on the market. This was very much so reflected in our tests, with this mixer breezing through all of our mixtures, regardless of the density. It also has a design that promotes easy cleaning, with a sealed body that won't let any mixture seep inside. 'I loved this hand mixer performance-wise as much as the KitchenAid; the only reason it's further down the list is the KitchenAid's looks are so much more alluring,' says Molly, our on-staff tester. 'That said, this is much more affordable.'

FeaturesThere are two dough hooks included with this mixer too, which are excellent for mixing pastries or bread doughs. The controls are also cutting edge, using a dial turn system that you can operate with one hand, whilst you use the other to steady your mixture. Whilst it might not be the most aesthetically pleasing mixer in the world, it contends with the best when it comes to a stellar mixing performance.

If you want the best corded hand mixer and have a larger budget, the KitchenAid KHM926CU 9-Speed Hand Mixer is our top pick. With a cord to help pack in that extra power, and with a stunning design, we think this mixer is very much worth the splurge. Our tester Molly was very clear that this model is just as good as our top pick, also a KitchenAid: 'You get more for your money with the additional attachments, and the controls are a little smoother to use.' Why is it further down the list? We simply find cordless hand mixers more practical to use.

FeaturesSpeed is adjusted using the buttons at the top of the mixer, and is clearly displayed on an LED screen. There's also a beater ejector button that keeps fingers from getting messy when you're done, and a lockable swivel cord that keeps it from getting in the way when cooking.

Why we love itThere are so many reasons to go cordless when hunting for a new hand mixer. It gives you the option of making swiss meringue without worrying about finding a place nearby to plug in, and if you have a kitchen island it can sit on the counters without all the clutter of a cord.

'Though it performed well in all of our tests, it didn't quite feel like it had the push behind it that some of the contending mixers did,' says staff tester Molly. 'However, with an RRP of $79.95, it will remain in my favorite kitchen tools line-up for a long time yet.'

The Oster HeatSoft Hand Mixer has one of the smarter designs in our lineup of the best hand mixers thanks to its heated technology. Gone are the days of waiting for your butter to reach room temperature with this baking gadget, which also has great mixing power.

Why we love itRecognizing an issue that home bakers come across far too often, this mixer warms butter as you mix it to bring it to the right temperature for incorporation by blowing warm air into the bowl as you mix. The result? Fluffier cakes and cookies, without the hassle.

FeaturesIt has seven speeds and a burst of power button, as well as a button to activate and disable the heated features. This hand mixer has an easily-stored case that contains all the attachments and snaps securely shut. It also includes a whisk attachment, which is perfect for whipping cream and finer mixtures.

At Homes & Gardens, we know that how we test products is crucial to whether you can trust our evaluations and our rankings. That's why Molly extensively tested the hand mixers within this round-up side by side in order to truly evaluate which model was the top performer, as you can see from our photos.

Molly tested each of the hand mixers in this guide simultaneously at the Future testing facility in Reading, England, in order to gauge which models are worth spending your money on. There were various elements to the testing process including three different tasks to evaluate the power of each mixer, and additional time is given to testing out various additional attachments that came with each mixer. A series of tests were devised in order to establish their abilities, from whipping up cream to mixing cake batter. The tests were made as quantifiable as possible, with recordings of time taken to adequately mix as well as decibel readings. In each of the reviews linked here, you'll see the testing process behind the stars awarded to these mixers. 041b061a72


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