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Gori Ke Nanda Mp3 16

Text in Hindi: Aditya. Song and orchestral accompaniment to welcome the bridegroom at an Indian wedding. Dedicated to Mrs. Pramila Puri. Performed by a choir at Ishu's wedding in Weast Lafayette. Ishu is Mrs Puri's daughter. The MP3 recording here was made much later at Aditya's residence. while practicing for a performance. Gitanjali's voice has been added after the home recording. Renu Bajaj and Madhavi are the other soloists. Chorus: Prema Dayananda, Anagha Kalvade, Madhavi Chelluri, Renu Bajaj, Tanmay Lele, and Anuj Puri. This was performed again later at a wedding and conducted by Priyan Patkar. 30 1997Mama Female Voice and Chorus.English version of Amma. Translation: Aditya.29 1997Amma Female Voice and Chorus.Inspired by my mother-in law , for all mothers of the world. Hindi song in Raga Yaman Kalyan. Text in Hindi: Aditya.28 1997Birthday wishes for an aspiring Trumpeteer Strings, Tabla, and Trumpet in F.For son Ravishankar on his 16th birthday. 27 1996Geet Likhane Do VoiceText in Hindi: Aditya. Raag: Yaman Kalyan, Tala: Roopak.26 1996Woh kaun Pyari Si VoiceSong for a baby girl25 1996Mhari Gayyan Khul Khul Jaaye Acoustic Bass, Agogo, Bata Drums, Chorus, (male and female), Cowbell, Chorus, Clarinet, Cymbals, Deff Slap, French Accordian, French Horn, Hula Stick, Maraca, Munching, Police Whistle, Surido, Tanzanian Scream, Shaker, Tambourine, Trumpet, Udu Drums, Whip, Xylophone.Dedicated to friend Pradeep from Pilani. Music is in North Indian folk style. Depicts a fun filled dance at a party in a village. Text: Aditya.24 1996*"Aamrica" Se Aaya Hoon VoiceOne of Aditya's Hindi songs in the cycle "Songs without Films." Key of F-Kalyan.23 1996A little fantasy PianoIn the key of F using Bhopali...a North Indian Raga. Written for performance during the monthly Piano recital at Verna's home.22 1996I will miss piano VoiceText by Aditya. Melody based on the theme from Movement I of Mozart's Sonata in A-major (K 331).21 1996*Love in an auto shop Miscelleneous sounds from the highway and auto repair shops. Accompanied by Sitar, Strings, and Tabla.Experimental piece to find how a weird mix of instruments sounds in an awkward setting linside an auto-repair shop. Melody continues to reign supreme in this piece.20 1996Rondo for Violin Violin (Obligato Tabla in Rupak Tala)Composed for son Ravishankar. Edited for fingering by Mrs. Meda Low. Uses Kalyan mode from North India.19 1996Polymodal fun on a Fibonnaci pyramid (score in pdf) MP3

gori ke nanda mp3 16

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